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Why Penguins Can not Fly?

Penguin wings have been converted, which is used as a tool to bring to swim rather than taking off. Penguins have lost their flying ability eons ago. Why?

Recent studies have assumed that the penguin sea birds stop flying as a result of evolutionary processes, which make the penguin must adapt to the environment, which is a master swimmer. According to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences May 20 issue, the penguin needs to swim in the middle of a competitive environment.

May fly, for some aspects, is an advantage for the penguins who live at the South Pole, for example when escaping predators or when the parade emperor penguin colony that can be up to many days.

However, reiterated by Katsufumi Sato, an expert in the field of behavioral ecology Ocean Research Institute-University of Tokyo, this happens because of evolution. Penguins evolved into a larger body sizes that need a crutch when diving in the water.

For the sake of this important reason, experienced reduced progressive wing, which makes swimming more efficient and when used to fly instead. This could be the answer to why it was then that the ability of penguins to fly gradually disappeared.

Sato is an ecologist at the National Geographic Society Emerging Explorer is also explained, the larger body allows them to dive longer. When opportunities in transition where the wings used for flying or diving, which occurs even harmful to penguins due to waste energy and can not last long.

Julia Clarke, a researcher who focuses on the evolution of birds from the University of Texas at Austin, revealed no differences were found in penguins in origin. However, little relevant data that can be used to develop it. This latest discovery could be a key in the explanation of the transition from the model of "wings" to the "fin" penguin.

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