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Acrotholus, New Dinosaur Species Amounting Dog

Illustration Acrotholus audeti. (Julius Csotonyi /

With a length of about 1.8 meters and weighing 40 kilograms, this dinosaur is a dinosaur skull hard oldest in North America

Scientists finally give a name Acrotholus audeti on pachycephalosaur, or species of dinosaur skull hard origin Alberta, Canada. Certainty Acrotholus a new species was confirmed from the latest fossils were found and which has been obtained so far.

With a length of about 1.8 meters and weighing 40 kilograms, this plant-eating dinosaur is hard oldest dinosaur skulls that were found in North America, and possibly also the oldest in the world. Full details of audeti own Acrotholus published in the journal Nature Communications.

"Acrotholus presenting new information related to the evolution of dinosaur skull hard. Although he is one of the oldest members of this family, surprisingly, that thick skull dome has developed very well in the geological era, "said David Evans, head of the research team.
Evans says, the more important of these findings is that the track record of fossils obtained, these animals showed that we are just beginning to understand the diversity of small plant-eating dinosaur.

Acrotholus name itself means "high dome", which follow the shape of his skull like a dome. The skull consists of dense bone with a thickness of more than ten centimeters. The audeti taken from the name Roy Audet, landowners where specimens of dinosaur fossils were first discovered in 2008.

Acrotholus walking on two legs. Dome-shaped skull above the eyes of these animals may be used to compete with each other head during his lifetime. Expected, Acrotholus alone lived about 85 million years ago.

"We predict that there will be many other such small dinosaur species found Acrotholus in the future if researchers want to sort the bones of animals that they find in the field," said Michael Ryan, curator of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.
These findings, says Ryan, also emphasized the importance of landowners like Roy Audet allow their land to be studied by scientists in order to generate a lot of important findings. Fossils Acrotholus Audeti itself began on public display at the Royal Ontario Museum,
Canada, in May 2013 this month.


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