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In Earth's Layers Temperature Equivalent Surface of the Sun

Layer in the Earth's temperature 1,000 degrees celsius apparently higher than previously thought. Based on the latest measurements, the surface temperature in the only planet that can support life proved equivalent to the complex surface of the Sun, 6,000 degrees celsius.

The measurement results obtained by the research team of French scientists Sciences Institute (CNRS) and several other institutions. Temperature in the layer, on the border of the inside and outside of the Earth, estimated from measurements of the melting point of iron.

Through these measurements, researchers actually want to shed light on the formation of the Earth's magnetic field. To have a strong magnetic field, there must be a difference in the temperature of 1500 degrees Celsius between the inner and outer layers.

Researchers are already making measurements boundary layer temperature inside and outside the Earth before. However, the measured temperature differences previously showed no significant difference. Through this study, researchers conducted repeated measurements.

Measurements of the melting point of iron in the study done by exploiting the properties of diffraction (spreading) X-ray When mashing the X-ray iron, then there will be a "sign" that the heated iron.

From these measurements, as reported by LiveScience, Friday (26/04/2013), showed that the melting point of iron is 4,800 degrees Celsius, the pressure is 2.2 million times greater than the pressure above the Earth's sea level.

Based on these results, the estimated temperature of the layer that limits the inside and outside of the Earth is 6000 degrees celsius. The results published in the journal Science on Thursday (04/25/2013). The research results useful for seismologists to estimate plate motions Earth.

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