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Scientists Will Use Boats To Explore the lake on Titan

Composite photograph Titan taken by the Cassini spacecraft. Image credit: NASA
When ground vehicles ideal for the exploration of Mars, the ship or boat is the best means to explore Titan, the largest moon of Saturn. Scientists have recently submitted a proposal on a new mission to explore the lake on Titan. 

Titan is one of the 60 months that is owned by the Planet Saturn. Titan has a wide range of things that are not owned by months or even other planets in our solar system. It is like the ocean, lakes, and streams consisting of methane, and it has a thick atmosphere that makes Titan an object in the solar system most similar to Earth. Smaller size of the Earth but larger than Mercury. 

Until now, scientists do not know whether there is life on Titan, because there are very cold temperatures reaching minus 178 degrees Celsius. But there can be no life on underwater micro-organisms. That's what makes scientists very curious and wanted to explore Titan's picture in recent years often perpetuated by the Cassini spacecraft orbiting Saturn. ESA's Huygens orbiter spacecraft ever landed on Titan also had to submit photos Titan's surface before it lost contact. 

From the information that was obtained from the Huygens spacecraft, it is known that Titan has lakes, rivers, and oceans of hydrocarbons are very abundant. From there scientists proposed Titan Lake In-situ Sampling Propelled Explorer (Talise) in the form of a boat driven by a kind of "windmill" to float on the lake Ligeia Mare, the largest lake in Titan's north pole located on Saturn's largest moon is. Once relegated to the lake, then Talise will move to the edge of the lake. Here is a picture of the vehicle design Talise: 

Draft Talise vehicle used to explore the lakes on Titan. Image credit: SENER

Talise itself is gambungan project with Centro de Astrobiolog√≠a SENER of Spain. New concept in the early stages and was presented by scientists on the 27 September 2012 and at the E uropean Planetary Science Congress held in Madrid, Spain. (SP, Adi Saputro /
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